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ACE Society

The AMSIB Cultural and Excellence (ACE Society) is a new concept for the Amsterdam School of International Business. It’s a student society which aims to create a school-wide, multi-cultural community which strives for excellence. And we believe that if we work together, we can achieve excellence!

Throughout the academic year, we will host numerous events, workshops and lecture which will help us become better students. However, we will also host many social events such as parties, meetups and other activities.

Another important aspect of ACE Society is that we also offer support to students. We aim to help you with university and personal matters; especially since studying can be hard, and living away from your family can be even harder; so don’t hesitate to contact us!

Whilst we work towards improving the student experience at AMSIB, ACE Society also communicates with the university’s administrative team on a regular basis so that we can work towards creating a better university for you!

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Fraijlemaborg 133 Amsterdam

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